HERMES&GIEBERER LEGAL SOLUTIONS offers strategic legal advice on M&A transactions, equity investments and joint ventures in Germany as well as cross-border matters where additional jurisdictions elsewhere in Europe are involved.

We focus on personal advice and employ a goal-oriented negotiation style, if appropriate working alongside and closely cooperating with the client’s established outside counsel, to structure the transaction competently and efficiently.

We offer a range of services that are available separately or in any desired combination.

Preparatory Phase

  • Advising on the strategic goals and structure of the transaction
  • Advising on a step, action and cost plan covering all legal aspects of the transaction
  • Advising on confidentiality agreement and letter of intent
  • Advising on pre-transaction restructuring, such as spin-offs
  • Structuring and organizing due diligence and prioritizing due diligence tasks and/or vendor due diligence items.

Due Diligence

  • Advising on selection of (internal and external) due diligence team
  • Leading and supervising due diligence process
  • Reviewing due diligence report.

Negotiation Phase

  • Assisting in preparation of and participating in management presentations
  • Rehearsing management presentations
  • Reviewing and/or preparing mark-up of the draft SPA
  • Advising on negotiation tactics and on strategic decisions, rendering a second opinion
  • Advising on incentive arrangements with senior management.


  • Proposing, screening and supervising specialized lawyers and non-German counsel
  • Checking budget, costs and invoices of all advisors involved.